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Leckenby Co. primarily uses your own possessions, treasures and un-used items to create the space you’ve always dreamed of.

Both (re)Design and (re)Organization begin with an initial assessment of your individual spaces and needs, styles and sensibilities, always sensitive to the issues surrounding existing circumstances and focusing on ascertaining the true hopes and desires that you have for your home, and an estimate for the time involved in the project.

 (re)Design, I’ll:

  • Assess your interests, style preferences, basic organizational needs
  • Work with you to focus in on important elements in your home and life
  • Utilize your own possessions in design (reusing and repurposing) and reduce clutter
  • Shop on your behalf for the project, if needed.  Keeping true to the re-use and re-purposing ethic.  Focusing on interesting and unique items, suited to your style and design tastes.
  • Paint, refinish, re-upholster, slipcover, re-purpose your household items, if needed.
  • Suggest repairs for items, if needed
  • Refer you to specialists and contractors (for example: for room painting, if needed).
  • Re-hang your art and household items (you’d be surprised what can go on a wall!), with an eye toward focusing on beloved and cherished items.

Design is subjective, and visceral. Each person owns their own story in their surroundings, and sometimes we get lost along the way in daily living. The dishes pile up and are put away in random places, the favorite painting is in a closet, for want of a nail. The cherished collections can’t be seen, they’re hiding behind other cherished collections, or squirreled away in the attic.

Vintage Tom-Boy Chic Before:

The personality of this room and its owner were a bit lost in the beige of the room.


A charming, kitschy new space.



BEFORE, a Modern Apartment:


AFTER, a Modern Apartment with a Tuscan Feel: