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Household cleaning?  Easy.

Keep It Simple: I use only 4 cleaning products. It makes life so much easier, and makes maintaining stock so simple:

  • Baking Soda – Used as a laundry additive, soft scrub, deodorizer and additive to cleaning solutions, among other things.
  • White Vinegar – Used as a glass cleaner, laundry additive, deodorizer (particularly for pet smells), dissinfectant, and general purpose cleaner
  • Dish soap – Used for the dishes, also diluted and used as a general cleaner. I prefer scent free, or low scent varieties, without bells and whistles. Soap is soap, and is best when it’s JUST soap.
  •  Polish – an indulgence, and not necessary, but The Original Bees Wax – Old World Formula Furniture Polish shines Formica, mirrors, stainless steel, granite, and prevents glass from fogging. Incredible stuff.

That’s it! I keep the multitude of bottles at bay by using the best cleaning products available.